Why Key Fob Cloning is Replacing Key Cutting

The key fob is a type of hand-held keyless electronic entry device. It is a security feature that relies on randomly generated access codes that allow entrance into a vehicle or secured property. The most common fob is a key chain that allows people to keep traditional keys together with the device. Most people are familiar with these products because of their vehicles. The technology is also used for garage doors and hotel and apartment doors as well as many other entries.

The term fob once referred to pocket watches and the dangling key chain took the name because of its resemblance to this item. Today it can mean any type of keyless entrance device including cards, bands or decals that act as protection for the security data.

Fob devices provide a high level of security and are usually much less bulky than carrying keys. They also make it easier for someone with full hands to unlock a door. The problem is that it has been difficult to get a duplicate fob made. Nearly every hardware store in the country has the ability to cut new keys. Getting a new fob once meant either requesting it from the original manufacturer or going to an auto dealership. Businesses now exist to make it faster, cheaper and easier than ever to get this work completed for keyless entry devices of all types.

Creating a duplicate fob does not put any personal information at risk. The process actually duplicates the Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID data on the device. The bar codes are scanned and signal information is captured and duplicated, or cloned, to create the new product. Cloning and duplicating services make fobs using the actual information on the current device. This is different from getting a new fob after losing or damaging the original because the manufacturer generally uses specific codes they keep on file and creates a whole new device rather than copying another. The benefit of cloning is that it is almost always cheaper or faster than having the original manufacturer create an all new device. The drawback is that it does have its limits. The service is not available if the data on the original fob is damaged or missing.